So You Want To Be a Skater Girl - How to Skateboard Like a Pro

Any person who said that skateboarding is exclusive to men has never been more wrong. Girls can do as much as boys can, and perhaps even better. As long as you put your mind to it, you’ll get to dominate the skatepark amidst the doubts and obstacles!

Once you get on a skateboard for the first time, it will be challenging to move around, much less balance your weight. But even though skateboarding entails countless failures, falling, and scrapes here and there, it will all be worth it once you finally get the hang of things.

If you’re dead set on learning how to skateboard, get rid of the hesitation, conquer your fear, and just skate!

How to Shred Like a Girl

When you look at Tony Hawk and other skateboard pros, the sport may seem intimidating and even scary. Although the sport only involves one simple-looking board with wheels, there are a few complexities and difficulties that every skateboarder experiences.

Skateboarding only seems complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to learn! With only a few practice sessions, you’ll be able to skateboard with ease in no time and prove those boys wrong. If you want to get into skateboarding, just remember these tips!

Invest in Good Equipment

Skateboarding is easy to learn, but it can be dangerous—even pros get into accidents sometimes! If you want to enjoy skateboarding without putting your safety at risk, you have to look into the best safety equipment.

Although you’re not required to buy an expensive skateboard, it does make a significant difference, as they’re more durable and are much easier to learn with. Don’t forget to wear the right skate sneakers, helmet, and knee pads, so you won’t get hurt as much if you fall.

Besides safety equipment, we recommend using a board backpack, as it will make carrying your skateboard easier. We at Fallon Footwear have high-quality backpacks with skateboard straps to choose from!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

To be a good skateboarder, you have to learn from others. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance—just go to your local skatepark and ask someone to show you how to perform a specific move. You’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to teach you and give you tips.

Although many good people would be ready to help you, you can’t always just reach out to anyone you see in the skatepark. If you want to learn how to skateboard fast, find someone who can consistently teach you how to roll, push, and get comfortable on the skateboard.

If you can’t find a person to learn from, YouTube is always there to be your skateboard teacher. There are thousands of videos dedicated to skateboarding lessons—with patience and practice, you can skateboard like a pro.

Start With the Basics

No one becomes a pro skateboarder overnight. You shouldn’t rush things and try the advanced stunts right away—learning takes time. Before anything else, you first have to learn to be comfortable, gain trust with the skateboard, and balance your body.

Trying out cool skateboard tricks can wait! Make sure to learn the basics first to avoid injuring yourself.


Skateboarding exists beyond the limits of gender and stereotypes. If you want to skateboard, put on your skate sneakers, wear your helmet and knee pads, and get to skating! As long as you wear the proper attire, use the necessary equipment and follow our guide, you’ll eventually be able to show them what shredding like a girl really looks like!

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