Skateboarding 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Lacing Skate Shoes

Skateboarding takes a lot of skill, and you need to practice for many hours, days, and weeks to nail all the tricks and jumps that you want. As you dedicate so much time and effort to learning and improving, you must also take measures for your safety. This means keeping all your gear in good condition.

It may surprise you to find out that one of the most common reasons for skateboard falls and injuries is very simple: improperly tied shoelaces.

A shoelace coming loose is dangerous enough for people just walking down the street, even more so while you're skateboarding. If you’re skating and jumping and spinning on your skateboard, laces can easily get caught in the wheel, leading to falls and injuries.

The Importance of Properly Tied Laces

Experienced skateboarders know not to take their shoelaces for granted. This is because it’s a crucial element to their overall safety. When you tie your shoelaces properly and keep them entirely out of the way, you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck in a wheel and becoming the reason you’re thrown off your board.

Good lacing techniques also ensure that your shoelaces won’t wear down as quickly. When shoelaces sit correctly on the shoe, they are in no danger of dragging around or getting pulled unnecessarily.

Your shoelaces are important for the overall skater aesthetic. If you want to look like a pro skater, you should know how experienced skaters tie their shoelaces to keep them out of the way at all times. However, properly tied shoelaces also ensure that your good skate shoes won’t fall off your feet. Keeping your footwear as secure as possible is one of the simplest ways to keep yourself safe.

How to Lace Skate Shoes

Over the decades, skateboarders have developed many different ways of tying their shoelaces for maximum safety with the bonus of a cool aesthetic. Here is a rundown of the most common techniques: 

  1. Criss-cross – This is the most common way to lace any type of shoe, and most skate shoes you see on display are already laced using this method. If you want a criss-cross lace, just remember to always move outside-in. Thread the two ends through the topmost eyelets and then continue to cross each end to their opposite eyelet.
  1. Bar lace – This will give you a cleaner look, with horizontal bars running all the way down your shoe to stay secure all day long. Double knot the shoelace at one end and thread it through the bottom eyelets. Take one end and thread it inside-out through the next eyelet, and then pull it across to the other side and complete the other rows.
  1. Heel lock – If you want extra support for your ankle, this is the method you should use. Lace your skate shoe using the method you prefer, whether it’s criss-cross, bar lace, or any other technique. Stop at the next-to-last eyelet and thread the lace outside-in to create a loop. Cross the ends of your laces through the opposite loop and then pull to secure.


The method you use for lacing your skate shoes is important not just for aesthetic appeal, but for your overall safety, too. Your shoelaces keep your shoe safe and secure on your foot, and proper lacing ensures that they will never be at risk of getting caught in the wheel of your skateboard.

Before you go to your local park or practice location, make sure your shoelaces are tied properly. You’ll worry about this habit less if you purchase the right skate shoes from quality brands.

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