Shoe Advice: 5 Signs You Need a New Pair of Skate Shoes

Skateboarding is a fun, exciting hobby that takes tremendous skill and practice to master. It’s also a pastime that can be very expensive because it takes such a toll on your shoes.

Skate shoes are developed and manufactured specifically to endure the wear and tear of regular skating, but eventually, one missed trick can lead to its demise. “Skate style” often involves walking around with ripped-up shoes, and that’s all well and good if you’re just hanging out at the park with your friends. However, you can’t exactly perform well on a skateboard if your shoes are falling apart.

Good skate shoes are meant to protect you from injuries, so it’s important to wear pairs that are fully functional. Here are some signs you need to throw out your skate shoes and buy a new pair:

1. You Can’t Grip Your Board

Skate shoes have thick, rugged soles that help your feet grip your board. The soles are often the first to wear down when you’ve been using a pair of skate shoes for a while. When the soles are so worn down that you keep sliding off the deck, it’s time to retire this pair and get a new one with perfectly thick cup soles. Your feet will thank you for it.

2. The Soles Are Flapping

Soles are often just glued or stitched onto the shoe’s main body, so they tend to detach completely with enough friction. If your sole is flapping when you walk, you can try to put it back with some super glue. You may be tempted to just duct tape it back together. Sadly, it will only be a matter of time before you have to say farewell to your makeshift pair of shoes. 

3. Ripped Stitching

Your skate shoes must fit perfectly on your feet for maximum protection, comfort, and skate ability. However, that doesn’t mean your feet shouldn’t have some breathing room. As you practice your tricks, all parts of your foot will make contact with the edges and exert force on its stitching.

After some time, you will either wear out your shoe, creating small holes, or the stitching will just come apart at the seams. Holes will only grow larger as you keep using them, and exposing any part of your foot while skating is a huge potential hazard. If you can see even a small part of your socks through your shoes, it’s time to get a new pair.

4. Your Grip Tape Is Injuring You

Grip tape is used to make sure that a skater’s feet stay on the skateboard. It’s thick and abrasive, meant to increase friction. If your skate shoes are so thin that your board’s grip tape is making your foot bleed, it’s way past time to throw those shoes away.

Any injury to your foot means you can’t practice while it heals, so don’t wait to get wounded before buying a new pair of shoes.

5. It’s Embarrassing to Wear Them

The skater aesthetic embodies a worn and rugged look, but there’s a limit to that. A pair of worn-down skate shoes can give you some “skater cred.” However, if they’re falling apart and you’re embarrassed to wear them in front of anyone you know, then it’s time to give it up and buy something new.


Skate shoes go through a lot of wear and tear as skaters practice their jumps and tricks, leading to constant friction to wear down its soles and stitching.

For this reason, it’s important to recognise these simple signs that you need to retire your current pair. Buying new shoes can save you from potential pain and injury, while ensuring that you perform better with comfortable footwear.

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