Find the Perfect Pair of Skate Shoes with Our Handy Guide

Skate sneakers are made of durable materials that can absorb the impact of heavy landings and abrasiveness. This type of footwear was originally for skateboarding and sporting purposes, but many people also use them for daily wear or fashion statements.

No matter why you wear skate shoes, you should know the following to prevent injuries or accidents while wearing them.

Choosing Skate Shoes: What to Know

Before choosing your shoes, determine your skating style first. Your style will inform what shoes you should get. How often you skateboard and the tricks you perform matters—some shoes correspond to common tricks.

For example, there are three common skateboarding tricks- Ollies, aerial tricks, and grinding. If you do many aerial tricks, you need tough soles because you have to jump off the ground with the skateboard. So you don't injure yourself, you need thick-soled shoes to soften your landing. Meanwhile, if you do a lot of grinding, you need more flexible skate shoes since you'll be plighting the board's axle on pavements or railings.

Consider the cushioning your skate shoes have. Different types of manufacturers use different materials like PU foam, heel collars, EVA foam, and more. Also, choosing the cushion that matches the tricks you perform is vital—trying on the skate shoes before purchasing will help you determine the proper size and fit. When choosing skate shoes, find ones comfortable enough to allow your toes to wiggle inside but not so broad that it increases the risk for an injury.

What to Know About Lacing Skate Sneakers

When you wear skate shoes, you need to lace them properly so they don't clasp to the skateboard. Many skateboarders thread the shoelaces through the eyelets as usual and tuck the excess lace under the shoe tongue, away from view. This practice secures the lace firmly, but you need to ensure that the lace ends do not slip out of the shoe and get into the skateboard's wheels.

There are also different ways of lacing skate shoes. One of the most common methods that skateboarders use is reverse crisscross lacing. You start with this type of lacing by inserting the right side of the lace into the right eyelet closest to the toe. Meanwhile, you insert the left side of the lace into the left eyelet next to the first one you inserted.

Keep doing this until you reach the topmost eyelets—once you're done, tie the laces and make sure the bows are tight. If there are excess lengths on either side, cut the lace to prevent it from getting into the skateboard's wheels.


Skate shoes protect skateboarders' feet from the extreme activities and tricks that they perform. Though some people use skate shoes as a fashion statement, those buying skate shoes for skateboarding must consider various factors before buying a pair.

Shoe flexibility and sole thickness are two of the most crucial things skateboarders consider when buying shoes. Whether you're buying skate shoes for sport or leisure, though, following the correct methods of using these shoes will help prevent injuries and accidents.

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