Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Skateboard Backpack

If you’re a skateboarder, then you know how essential it is to have a functional backpack that can carry all your belongings—your valuables, your tools, and your skateboard, among other things.

Having a backpack that holds your skateboard offers convenience because it gives you an easier time moving around without worrying about losing your precious things.

Fortunately, some companies know the struggle that skateboarders face and developed a way to address such issues by releasing apparel dedicated to skateboarders. While you can always consider using a regular backpack, you miss out on the unique features of a bag dedicated to skateboarding purposes!

Even though most skateboarders prefer to carry their skateboard all the time, it’s still a different experience to utilise a backpack that fits your stuff and your skateboard altogether. If you’re convinced that you want to take the plunge, keep reading below to find out what you should look for when scouting for the right backpack. 

Determine the Right Size

The first thing you need to look out for when choosing a skate backpack is its size. It’s crucial to get a bag that suits you right, where all your belongings and your skateboard will fit. Backpacks come in different sizes and styles, and knowing the items you’ll be carrying with you alongside your skateboard helps you figure out how heavy you expect the bag to be.

Since you’ll be riding on your skateboard when you’re out most of the time, you should look at lightweight backpacks that won’t give you a problem riding your board while carrying a bag.  

Focus on the Number of Pockets

A skateboard backpack comes in various designs to meet people’s different needs. You can find bags with multiple pockets and compartments, allowing you to improve your organisation and help keep your tools and items in a safe place.

Pockets are an excellent way to keep you from losing the small parts and tools you must carry with you, especially when your skateboard breaks and you need to replace its parts. Choosing a backpack with the right number of pockets prevents you from mixing your skateboard tools with your personal belongings too. 

Look at the Strength of the Bag’s Straps

Since the primary reason you require a bag is to put your things and skateboard in it, you will need a backpack with skateboard straps to secure your board in place when you’re not using it. Thus, the strap should be solid and reliable and able to carry your skateboard without issues.

Before buying the first skateboard backpack you see, you should determine how heavy your skateboard is to help you decide on a bag that involves the correct specifications. Besides having enough space and pockets to fit your items, you have to ensure the straps are durable and won’t break on a whim because you’re looking forward to using the bag for a long time. 


When looking for the best backpack for your skateboard, you shouldn’t settle for a bag just because you like its design and you think it’s affordable.

You should take note of its size, number of pockets, and durability of its straps as well. That way, you can ensure you aren’t wasting your money, and you know the backpack you’re getting can last for the years to come.

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